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Media Day Observations: Delonte Speaks

By George Thomas Published: September 29, 2009

I'm going to get a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "I Survived Cavs Media Day 2009." 
Not because it was horrific or anything, but because Mother Nature decided to be a witch and spoil some of the fun by knocking out power within a one-block radius of Cleveland Clinic Courts, the Cavaliers practice facility.  Here's hoping that's not some sort of ominious sign.
There were so interesting moments to be had some of which David Lee Morgan dealt with in prior blog posts.
But one that I found particularly intriguing was the case of Delonte West.   Casting all objectivity aside, you have to admire West for participating despite his recent arrest almost two weeks ago.  He could have easily begged off, but chose to at least face the media, even if he declined to discuss the case in detail.
Additionally you have to at least admire the honesty. West said basically admitted that he'd been off the medication he takes for his illness, which according to reports is bipolar disease.  Some would question why he was even off it.
I can only go by what I know from a family member and family friend who have both battled the condition.  Apparently, depending on the medication, an individual doesn't feel like themselves when they are taking it.  If I worked nine months of the year, chances are I'd go off it too if it affected me that way.
That aside, it's not an excuse for what West did in carrying around three loaded weapons, but until all the facts are out and the legal process has played out, judgment shouldn't be passed.

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