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Mistake free vs. mistake filled

By admin Published: January 8, 2007

Florida played almost a mistake free first half, which everyone thought they would have to beat OSU.  But to be up 20, 34-14, is astounding.

They had a good game plan and put Chris Leak in a position to be sucessful, which is a pretty standard game plan.  But Leak has responded by making the easy plays and by making the tough plays.  Florida is simply taking what OSU is giving them on defense, hitting holes in the zone.  It has looked easy, because it is.  They really haven't had many huge offensive plays, just lots of execution.

On defense they are rushing Troy Smith with abandon and letting their defense play one-on-one.  That is the perfect situtation for Ted Ginn to exploit, but he's not available which is looking like a crushing blow.  Now Florida is keying on Anthony Gonzalez and shutting him down.

And their kicker, who was 4-of-13 on field goals this year, is 2-of-2.  Like I said, mistake free.

Then you have the Buckeyes.  They are playing tight on both sides and Smith is flustered and making mistakes.  He threw the interception because his legs were taken out from under him.  He fumbled because he was hit from the blind side.  His mistakes, but not all his fault.  Still, he needed to play like a Heisman winner and he is playing the worst game of his career.

Tressel has already been addressed.  And if he doesn't start turning things around, this will be remembered as his worst performance as well.

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