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Cleveland Cavaliers

Mo Knows Best, Now

By David Lee Morgan Jr. Published: September 28, 2009

Cavs point guard Mo Williams looked relaxed talking to reporters during media day. From a physical standpoint, he said he ``feels great'', noting that when he came to camp last year, he was coming off problems with a hernia and bad thump. He said when he reported to camp, it was really the first time he had played since recovering from those ailments.
We all know the outstanding (regular) season Williams had last year, but he said the playoffs was a different experience- and he said experience was the difference.
Williams said during the regular he was comfortable from an offensive standpoint with the rhythm he had when he was shooting from the outside. He said he was able to take his time and get his feet in the right position to shoot the ball.
But Williams said in the playoffs, especially in the Orlando series, he was trying to force too many shots and he just wasn't comfortable with his offensive rhythm.
``You play at a different speed (in the playoffs),'' Williams said. ``It's a different tempo...I made plays, I just didn't make enough of them. At the end of the day, it falls in the category of experience and I had never been in that situation before.''
Williams said he's looking forward to playing with LeBron and Shaq together and said the fans should be excited as well.
``It will be fun for the fans,'' Williams said. ``When you're talking about how the economy is and people spending their hard-earned money, they should be able to come out and see us win and have fun.''
And with Shaq on the team?
``It's already Day 1 of the madness,'' Williams said with a smile.''

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