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Cleveland Cavaliers

Mo Williams and the All-Star Game

By George Thomas Published: February 3, 2009

In case you hadn't heard, Mo Williams still has a shot at making the NBA All-Star Game because the Orlando Magic's Jameer Nelson suffered a separated shoulder against the Dallas Mavericks Monday night.
Already the jockeying has begun for other teams to get their players on the spot - most notably it comes from - of all places - New York as media there make the case for David Lee, last year's Eastern Conference Player of the Week.  And with his stats:  16 points, 11.7 rebounds per game can't be overlooked, but sorry, and maybe I'm biased.  Actually, I'm likely to be biased here.
You see, although they play different positions, Mo Williams' numbers with respect to scoring compare favorably with Lee's at 17.3 points per game.  But because their positions are different an apple-to-apple comparison proves virtually impossible, so what does that leave us with?
For me it's simple: impact.
The Cavaliers would have likely won at least 45-50  games without Williams this season and grabbed a mid-range seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs bracket, but with him they challenge for the No. 1 see and are on pace to win more than 60 games and Williams is the primary reason.
Ben Wallace said it best last week when he called it a shamockery that Williams didn't make it on his merits last week.  In his last five games he averaged 25 poitns per game and, more importantly, he is the one player on the roster who can maintain a lead or takeover a game.
Given Williams' impact and the Cavs' record, the NBA - that means David Stern in this case - has the chance to right an injustice.

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