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Cleveland Cavaliers

Mo Williams post-game quotes

By Marla Ridenour Published: May 13, 2010

(Courtesy Boston Celtics public relations)
(Reaction) “Disappointed, in one word.”
(Taking the three ball away from you) “They just came in with a game plan and they executed it.  That’s why I turned the corner a lot.  Just about being aggressive and trying to get to the rim, making plays for guys.  They just wouldn’t let me get my normal spot-up, but playoff basketball, that’s what teams are gonna do.  They’re gonna take away strengths and we did also. 
''I chased Ray and make him take tough shots and I think he might have had one good game in the series as far as shooting the basketball.  We did a good job of that.  It comes down to executing and making plays and adjustments.”
 (What was said in the locker room) “Basically we gave effort, nobody can question the effort we had today.  They executed down the stretch.  We got it to four, and they did a good job of making shots.  You have to give them credit at the same time.”
 (One things wish could have back) “You can go back and look at every game and pick out all the stuff, but in the heat of the moment you just gotta make a rash decision with it.”
 (Most disappointing aspect of loss) “The fact that it was our goal to win a championship and we came up short.  It’s definitely heart-wrenching, it definitely hurts, but it’s over.  I think the city of Cleveland feel the same way we feel so. It’s disappointing.”
 (LeBron’s injury affecting his game) “I don’t know, I think that’s a personal question that you’d have to ask him.  I mean, I don’t know.  He’s a competitor just like anybody else so he goes out and plays basketball.  He has his jersey on and he’s gonna give 110%, he’s gonna be effective doing it.”
 (Tipping your cap to Celtics) “You have to.  They did a good job of getting the job done, no matter how they did it.”

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