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Cleveland Cavaliers

Monday post-practice notes

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 1, 2010

* Mo Williams will make his debut tomorrow night against Atlanta, but Byron Scott hasn't decided yet whether or not he'll start. That was a bit surprising to hear, but I would guess Williams will start and play his usual alottment of minutes.

* A big problem for the Cavs defensively has been a lack of rotating. Players are sticking to their man, or getting caught in between rotating and sticking with their man, when Scott often wants them to forget about man defense and instead follow the system. Opponents are getting wide open looks because guys are getting caught in between. That was a big focus of today's work. Scott said the guys have to trust that their teammate will also rotate to their man. Williams said it's a selfish thing that players are worried about their "man" scoring.

* Scott doesn't have any theories as to why the Cavs have played poorly in the third quarter for three consecutive games. They have allowed 31 points in the third to both Toronto and Sacramento. Scott said he had a similar problem in New Orleans once and had to restructure how the players warmed up for the second half. He will watch tomorrow night's halftime routine and see if the same thing needs to happen here.

* More updates later this afternoon.

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