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Cleveland Cavaliers

Monday post-practice report

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 25, 2010

Mo Williams is traveling back to Cleveland from Mississippi today following the death of his father-in-law. He is expected to rejoin the Cavs at practice tomorrow and will start Wendesday's opener against Boston.

It was a wasted preseason for Williams, who missed most of camp with a groin injury. He played in just one preseason game and the Cavs have added a few wrinkles to the offense since he departed on Friday. But Byron Scott is confident he'll quickly have his point guard up to speed.

"He’s pretty close as far as understanding what we’re doing in practice. In a game it’s a little different," Scott said. "I don’t think it will take him long. We have to try to get him up to speed tomorrow and Wednesday. I don’t think it’ll be that big of a problem."

*** Scott was encouraged by J.J. Hickson's focus and intensity, something that has become a daily topic. Hickson has now strung together three strong practices. If he keeps that up, there won't be any problems.

*** Jamario Moon was terrific today talking about trying to replace LeBron James (videos coming once YouTube cooperates). I asked him if he's doing the powder toss before Wednesday's game, but he said no. "If anybody did it on this team, that’d be disrespectful. That was his trademark. That would be inappropriate," Moon said. "It would be fun. If I did it, I’d be doing it out of fun. I wouldn’t be doing it out of disrespect. But the past has got to be the past. It’s time to let all that stuff go."

*** Moon was asked if there is anything he does better than LeBron. He came up with two: He's a better comedian and a better dancer. Other than a new halftime act, that may not help the Cavs much this season.

"You can’t replace a guy like that," Moon said of James. "He was basically everything. He scored, he passed, he rebounded, he played defense. We’re not trying to replace him. We’re trying to work with the guys we’ve got. We’re going to put the best guys on the court that is going to give us the best chance to win. That’s all we can do."

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