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MVP Madness

By admin Published: February 21, 2006

When I finally trudged home from Houston yesterday, I was mildly surprised to see my e-mail inbox stuffed with people calling me, wait, let me go back and "idiot," a "jackass" and a "moron."

Well, OK, I wasn't surprised they called me those names, just the reason why.  It seems that many people thought the story I wrote for Sunday's paper on why LeBron James won't be named the MVP this season was one-upped when James won the All-Star Game MVP.  Over the years I've written very few stories about how or why LeBron can't do something and it is with good reason.  I learned a long time ago that underestimating or undervaluing him is almost always a mistake.  In this case, however, there are just too many facts and opinions that are probably going to prevent it from happening.

Michael Jordan averaged 37.1 points in his third season and didn't win the award because his team wasn't elite.  As I mentioned in the stories, no player from a team with less than 50 wins (not including the lockout season) has won the MVP since 1982, when Moses Malone did it for the 46-36  76ers.  And no, even if the Cavs get to 50 wins I don't think he'll win it.  If you took the time to read the story you'll see that I talked to people that know and, frankly, I know too because I'm one of the 125 people that get a vote and I know probably 70 of the other voters.

Other happenings from Houston:
--Based on what I heard, there's probably only a 25 percent chance of the Cavs making a trade before Thursday's deadline.  If they do something it may be minor, like that old Jiri Welsch deal.
--I got an invitation to go to Terrell Owens' party on Saturday night.  The invite said there were five rooms to party in, two of "Atlanta's hottest DJs," and a cigar bar.  I was totally all set to go hang out when I saw the attire requirement was "fashionably fly." I ran over to my closest and looked and all I had brought with me to All-Star Weekend was my "mildly mundane" collection.  After uttering a frustrating "drat" I went to the media party, were all were displaying their "tragically unhip" styles.
--Speaking of hanging at the hotspots, I went to the Nike club for this story and was chillin' with a bunch of cheerleader-types hired by Nike to smile at everyone next to the bar which had a huge glass case with shoes and water in it overhead.  I could've played video games on some big flat screens, or pulled the beads back on a private booth with some of the Nike girls, but you know, I heard there was free shrimp at the media gathering.
--Last week in Washington D.C. I left my credit card at a restaurant and had to cancel it.  I finally got my replacement while I was in Houston.  I was pleased.  I activated it and when to dinner, where I left it again.  Doh!
--I remembered by card after brunch on Sunday but still ruined the meal when I spilled my water all over Phil Miller's corned beef hash.
--I watched Elizabethtown on the flight down there from Boston, a movie I've heard people rave about.  Now, while I admit this movie was doomed in my mind as soon as I watched Orlando Bloom (the dude on the cute bike, FYI) for 15 seconds, but I'm sorry, Cameron Crowe insults the intelligence of his viewers.  I'm too young for Say Anything to have meant anything to me, but I didn't buy one character in Elizabethtown.  Gee, I felt the same way about Jerry Maguire.  I need not say anything about Crowe's Vanilla Sky, which goes more to my belief that Tom Cruise hasn't made a good movie since The Firm and A Few Good Men.  The only Crowe movie I've seen where the characters aren't totally fake in my mind is Almost Famous and that's because he'd lived the damn thing.
--This isn't from Houston, but it is still funny to me.  After the Cavs win in Boston a harmless drunk  on the subway platform was complaining about how his wife had left him on Valentine's Day.  He encouraged Bob Finnan of the News-Herald to hold onto Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Plain Dealer no matter what.  Finnan informed the drunk that Mary had already decided on another man (in fact, her husband) but this did not slow him down.  Things turned for all parties, however, when it was suggested that I was their son.  I thought it was funny, but they didn''t. So I gave him a quarter to go away.

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