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NBA Break: Something 'Glee'-fully Different

By George Thomas Published: December 3, 2009

The only down side to have a job as sweet as the one I do?  Missing my favorite television shows.  These days the show at the top of that list - Glee.  Just watched Wednesday's episode, and per usual, it was phenomenal.  The show has rarely hit a sour note.  For the uninitiated a few clips follow.  Yes, I know.  My man card may get revoked for loving this show.  But given my self-professed love of movie and Broadway musicals and showtunes, so be it.
From Glee:
The video and remake of a Journey classic that hooked me:
A cover of a Queen classic:

A favorite tune by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

Lastly, combining two things I love, good television and Broadway. The best song from the musical Wicked:

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