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By George Thomas Published: January 26, 2010

First up from ESPN's Marc Stein, who continues to rank the Cavs at the No. 1 for five weeks running:

What we're saying when we nominate no one else for the All-Star Game from the team perched atop these rankings for five straight Mondays is that, yes, LeBron has pretty much clinched our MVP vote already.
His No. 2 team? The Lakers.
Losing both regular-season games to Cleveland -- and getting pushed around in both -- was bad. Worse? How average the champs continue to look in road games: 10-8 compared to the Cavs' 17 road wins already.
Everyone who is an NBA fan should pay close attention to the Lakers road wins.  Since embarking on their "Grammy Tour"  the Lakers are 1-2, but a more telling statistic:  they're just 5-5 in their last 10 games.  That's not what you'd normally expect from defending champs.  Kobe Bryant openly questioned some of his teammates' hustle after losing to the Cavs.  Right now, I'd say that they're ranked No. 2 simply based on their talent alone.
I won't even pretend to understand John Hollinger's formula for rating teams.  Having talked to him a few times I can tell those brain synapses are firing beyond those of a mere mortal.  But this week, he has the Cavs ranked third and my would be that's due primarily to their strengthy of schedule.  With his being more mathmatically based, it doesn't take into consideration such intangibles as winning without key players.
SI's Chris Mannix keep the Cavs at the top of his weekly power rankings, but the Lakers took a tumble down to three.  His rankings aren't that significant a surprise. What some will want to look at is the prevailing thought regarding the Cavs' chances in the Eastern Conference:
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