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Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Power Rankings from Around the 'Net

By George Thomas Published: March 3, 2010

Apologies for being a day late with this, but travel headaches arose yesterday as flights to Newark had to be reworked so I could arrive in time to cover the game.
No real surprises in this week's power rankings from those writers who relish delving into this type of minutae.  From ESPN's Marc Stein:

If the Cavs have Shaq back for the last three rounds of the playoffs -- in reasonable shape, of course -- they'll be fine. In the interim? Can't wait to see the encore after they averaged (no misprint) 107.5 ppg in February.
They remain at No. 2 in Stein's rankings, but if the team continues to win in its current incarnation, look for them to eventually move up.
They do move up in John Hollinger's formula based rankings.  Again, unless you're an MIT professor or student, don't try  understand how Hollinger does it, just roll with it.  This week, the Cavs are at the No 1 spot.
For some insightful commentary with rankings, check out Chris Mannix's power rankings:
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