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Cleveland Cavaliers

No dice...or Bibby

By admin Published: February 22, 2007

The Cavs were unable to make a trade by today's deadline.  I am told by sources that general manager Danny Ferry and his staff worked like crazy for days trying to get something done.  They had three and four-team packages lined up, huge chucks of players moving here and there in an effort to get Sacramento to bite and deliver Mike Bibby.  It just didn't work.

Three-team trades are hard to work out with unlimited time, much less with hours to spare.  Everything gets very complex in these deals.  Perhaps the Cavs have have laid the foundation for a big deal down the line, maybe this summer, but it didn't come today.

In the end, it was about Kings GM Geoff Petrie refusing to budge off his wish list, which was lots of expiring dollars and picks along with a big man like Drew Gooden.  And Petrie shouldn't, Bibby is a valuable player and he shouldn't make a deal unless he's 100 percent sold on it.  That's why he has a rep as an excellent GM.

As for the Cavs, I am told they tried everything in the book and tossed all their players except for LeBron into the mix to various teams.  It seems Phoenix, who was just desperate to get rid of Marcus Banks, was in it until the end.  But the Kings didn't want Banks and neither did the Cavs so nothing happened.

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