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Cleveland Cavaliers

Of Rivalries and Fantasies

By George Thomas Published: November 3, 2009

One of the teams playing in tonight's Cavs-Wizards game is living in a fantasy world.
Here's a tip, it's not the Cavs.  At least one Wizards player, DeShawn Stevenson, still believes that this meeting tonight renews a rivalry.
The rivalry filled with Papa John's Pizzas, Soulja Boy vs. Jay-Z and said Stevenson not being able to feel his face. 

As long as I'm on the court, yeah. As long as I'm on the court, Gilbert's on the court, Caron, Brendan, Antawn. Until we all go away, it's going to be a rivalry.
The reality of the alleged Wizards-Cavs rivalry is that it's gone by the wayside.  Point guard Mo Williams could only grin when asked about it Monday afternoon.
We look at it as a big game.  It probably has a little bit more edge to it than other games. They’re going to be more intense.  We’re going to be more intense because we want to win obviously, but rivalry?  I wouldn’t say (that).  Boston’s more of a rivalry in my opinion.
Last season the Cavs split the season series 2-2.  It was the year of the ''crab dribble" which created a non-sensical stir for more than a week in the NBA because LeBron James got called for traveling on that particular play.
But it was also a year in which the injury-depleted Wizards didn't make the playoffs and coach Eddie Jordan was dismissed.  Prior to that, when it mattered most, three consecutive years in the playoffs, the Wizards lost to the Cavs in hotly contested series.
When you're on the other end of those types of whippings, bad blood is inevitable.  In this intance, however, this ''rivalry'' has devolved into a case of OSU-Michigan in football.
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