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Offloading some musings

By admin Published: November 19, 2005

It is late, but here's what's on the brain from Brian after Orlando game:

  • I don't want to say Z was in the zone tonight or anything, but dude threw three no-look passes, setting a career-high in that catagory, and all of them actually were caught.

  • Mike Brown has learned quickly, no matter who's fault a defensive breakdown is, he almost always yells at Drew Gooden.  Or at least that what it seems like.

  • They never play Usher's Yeah song anymore at Q, wonder why?  Last season they belted it out like six times a night and would always used canned footage of the few games Usher came too.

  • After the game, Pistons-Rockets game is on huge TVs in Cavs locker room.  Yao Ming dunks on Ben Wallace.  Quoth LeBron: "Yeah, Yao, dunk on his (backside), somebody beat them, we're trying to catch them."

  • Damon Jones, who still isn't talking to the media, practices his preposterous high leg kick during warm-ups.

  • Mike Wilks can throw down some of the nastiest dunks on the team.  He can get up.

  • Steve Francis has to lead the league in complaining to the officials.  Tonight, however, I thought he was right at least twice.

  • I think Dwight Howard can jump higher than LeBron, the only guy in the league I thought could do that was Josh Smith.  He's going to be crazy good.

  • Speaking of Dwight Howard, it looked to me like he twice fouled LeBron hard on purpose within a few minutes of each other in the third quarter.  One wonders if it was a message from Aaron Goodwin, Howard's agent who LeBron fired last spring.

  • I've been on a huge Warren Zevon kick lately.  He has some of the best lyrics of all time.  "I'm hiding in Honduras, I'm a desperate man; send lawyers, guns and money, the s--- has hit the fan!"  That and The Killers, especially Smile Like You Mean It.

  • I find covering a team on a winning streak is sometimes no fun, there is no controversy to write about.

  • I will be interested to see if Damon Jones or Eric Snow can keep Allen Iverson in front of them in Philly tomorrow (or, actually, tonight, since it is nearly 2 a.m.).  Let's just say their tactics didn't work in the two preseason games with the Sixers.  He averaged 33 points in those two games.

  • I find it mildly comical to refer to Hedo Turkoglu as Hedo Turkey-glue.

  • I respect that Sasha Pavlovic is keeping his head up after getting benched, but Luke Jackson looks better by the game.

OK, I have to sleep and get ready to go to Philly.  Sorry to disturb the chat room passing as my comment section.  By the way, my latest podcast is here.


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