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OK'ey dokey

By admin Published: April 11, 2006

Oklahoma City -- One of the few reasons why I was looking forward to coming here for the last several weeks is a desire to see the Oklahoma City bombing memorial.  It took 45 minutes to find it despite it being only about six blocks from the hotel because we (the now healthy Bob Finnan back on the beat and I) got lost several times, but it was worth it.  On the day the bombing happened, April 19, 1995, I was on a junior class trip to Washington D.C. and we were not able to go into the Capital building because they'd closed it out of precaution.  Being there Monday afternoon sort of reminded me of that day and how I've lived my life since then, which is why we build and go to reflect.  Of course, the 168 people who died that day didn't get a chance to live those 11 years which is the point. In all, I didn't think it was as visually powerful as other memorials I've been to over the years, but it was unique.

Other than that, OKC is nice but it is a nice minor league town.  It certainly doesn't feel like an NBA city, especially after I'd just spent five days in New York.  But the fans there were the best I've experienced this season so maybe it will work.

As for the Cavs, this somewhat unreal run of success has everyone thinking big and bold.  Unfortunately, all this probably came to late for LeBron to win the MVP but he deserves more credit than some are giving him.  The Cavs are playing their best basketball of the season at the end, which is what everyone shoots for.  How they perform in their Piston test will be interesting.  I also think it bears watching what happens with Larry Hughes and Flip Murray.  Larry wants to be back in the starting lineup soon, but I don't think Mike Brown is going to make a change.  The way Flip is playing, I'd have to agree.

I got several e-mails asking me how Hughes could've gotten a $2 million bonus for the Cavs winning their 47th game.  It is complicated, he had what is called an "unlikely bonus" in his contract.  It was "unlikely" because the Cavs didn't do it last year, which is how the rule works.  You have to have the extra cap space to do it when you sign the player but you can still use that cap space later.  That's why Donyell Marshall and Hughes signed first and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who doesn't have bonuses, signed after them.

For a good time read my Q and A on Hoopshype, and check out this story breaking down the Cavs' favorite play.

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