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Cleveland Cavaliers

A rather Bullish victory

By admin Published: March 31, 2007

I have been on a bit of a hiatus since the game in New York and was not in Chicago today.  However, I did watch the entire Cavs' 112-108 win over the Bulls.  I believed this was the biggest game of the year to this point.  But every game from now on in will surely have extra emphasis because the Bulls and Pistons are still so close.

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LeBron preaches, Sasha raps and Cavs win

By admin Published: March 27, 2007

Indianapolis -- Beating a team that is eight games under .500 can't be classified as a great win.  The Cavs will have plenty of tougher games between now and the playoffs.  Still the 105-94 win over the Pacers got them their playoff berth and, for the time being, their focus back.  So it had its merits.

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A different night at the Q

By admin Published: March 25, 2007

As has happened several times this season, the Cavs allowed themselves to be sucked in to playing outside their skillset tonight in getting handled by the Nuggets, 105-93.  There have have been a handful of such losses this season, though this one is more costly because both Chicago and Detroit won today and there's a five-game trip in the offing.

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Good thing the Knicks didn't wait, in a few weeks it would've cost 41 cents

By admin Published: March 24, 2007

This was a bad game, so bad that it was entertaining because all I was watching was other stuff.  The Knicks pretended like they wanted to play for awhile but Isiah Thomas decided to throw in the towel in the third quarter and the Cavs won 90-68.  But surprisingly, I am really looking forward to the rematch next week at the Garden.

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The Mavs and Cav nots

By admin Published: March 22, 2007

Something happened to the Cavs in those last few minutes in Charlotte, they lost their focus and it isn't back yet.  Neither the Mavericks or the Cavs played all that well tonight, but the Mavs had better focus and so they won, 98-90.  This game was so very winnable for the Cavs, yet they never really close to winning it.  Had they played with the same intensity they did down in Dallas, I think they' would've won.

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Further reading

By admin Published: March 21, 2007

LeBron James is back, which means so am I writing about No. 23 on Also, I'm honored so share some space on the site today with Henry Abbott, the creator of Truehoop who has moved over to ESPN. The launch was today. I became aware of Truehoop in January of 2006 and quickly became a fan and recommended it on this blog many times. Hopefully some of you became fans, too, and got in on the ground floor. If not, check it out, it is great stuff on the NBA.
As long as I'm recommending things, today there was an interesting piece on Michael Jordan on Yahoo!. It explores potential evaluation advantages Jordan has because he conducts various camps for high school and college players. I think there's another issue that isn't explored in this piece, too. Jordan has his own brand with Nike that pays high-profile NBA stars to market the product. That is complex, especially when it comes to signing free agents who have or want shoe deals. The NBA has all sorts of rules on this -- Dan Gilbert paid Rip Hamilton to endorse Rock Financial in Detroit after all -- but it is still a unique set of circumstances.

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This one's on Mike Brown

By admin Published: March 20, 2007

Charlotte -- What happened here at the lovely Charlotte Bobcats Arena tonight was the definition of a bad loss.  It's an 82-game season, these are going to happen, but considering it is now Spring and the stakes are high, I'd have to say this goes into the unacceptable category.

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Rebounding is more fun than Jazzercise

By admin Published: March 17, 2007

The Cavs' offensive hot streak came to an end tonight, but their win streak didn't.  Yet again (I keep finding reasons to write this) the team continues to show maturity in grinding out an 82-73 win over the Utah Jazz.

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LeBron to Memphis: "Thank you, thank you very much."

By admin Published: March 14, 2007

Memphis -- I would like to do something besides praise the Cavs, because that is all I have been doing in print for the past two weeks.  But I cannot after watching them totally bury the Grizzlies 118-96 here tonight after smashing the Kings last night.

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Weekend wrap

By admin Published: March 12, 2007

--The Bucks were devastatingly effective at posting the Cavs up.  Ruben Patterson and Michael Redd did it over and over.  With the Cavs' size, this should be something they want.  It is hard to shoot over Sasha Palvovic, LeBron and Larry Hughes and Eric Snow is a good post defender.  Dribble penetration is usually what causes the Cavs problems.  So why was it working?  I am not sure, but the Cavs repeatedly let them get great position.  The Pacers didn't have time to put it in the game plan but the Memphis Grizzlies scout and the Kings scout were watching right behind me.  At one point the Bucks made 18-of-24 shots and 13 of those came from or off a post play of some sort.  I was writing all about this when the Cavs made a huge comeback and I had to delete it and praise Ira Newble.

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That's a quality victory

By admin Published: March 8, 2007

Auburn Hills, Mich. -- The Cavs have won nine of their last 13 games including what is probably their biggest win of the season over the Pistons.  The victory in San Antonio was just as impressive, but obviously any game against the Pistons carries more weight.  Of those four losses, one was in Utah by a point, one was in Dallas by three points and one was in Miami by five.  Five of the wins are over teams with winning records.  What I'm saying is, that is a pretty good run of basketball.

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One of those nights

By admin Published: March 4, 2007

Every season there are going to be a certain number of nights when an NBA team isn't going to lose and those it isn't going to win.   Tonight was one of the positive nights for the Cavs.  They had a tired Toronto team missing two key players and they handled them.  I would not take anything that happened too seriously.  Before it's over, the Cavs will have a night when they are on the other end.

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Thoughts from Big D

By admin Published: March 1, 2007

Dallas -- That is the LeBron James that I know and have watched grow into a man for the last eight years.  It is that LeBron that I thought would win the MVP Award this season.  It is that LeBron that is virtually unstoppable, more unstoppable that Dirk Nowitzki's fallaway jumpers.   This was much like the Lakers game, where he totally kicked into a gear few can match.  Considering he's maintained that high level pretty much since that game in L.A., I believe he may actually be catching a stride that could duplicate last year's run.

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