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Cleveland Cavaliers

On the sunny side of the street

By admin Published: January 3, 2007

Boston -- For several weeks now, I have been methodically picking on the Cavs, from their offensive woes to their focusless play on the road.  Surely making many e-mailers happy, I composed a manifesto about the point guard problem and guessed the whole outfit was simply overhyped from the start.  Some in the Cavs organization criticize me for this behavior and I remind them The Optimist writes for, the realist writes for the Beacon Journal.  Still, I have been labeled "Negative Ned," especially because they have the second-best record in the East after last night's pivotal victory over the Spurs.

So here comes "Positive Polly." While I have largely concentrated on what the Cavs lack, over the last several weeks I have been impressed with what they have.  They have proven to me that they will play excellent defense on most nights.  One of the reasons there have been so many road disappointments is because the Cavs have been in almost every one of their road games and usually because of defense.  They have proven to me that they will take care of their business at home.  They have the best record in the NBA at home and they've beaten quality teams.  It is an advantage they use and protect and they've won all sorts of different ways at home.  And they've also proven to me they aren't quite as reliant on LeBron as they used to be.  Though he's been getting hot over the last couple of weeks, the Cavs are near the top of the standings despite James fighting through some early-season fatigue and some nights were he isn't a major factor.  That is growth.

Now, I'm not saying they are going to go out on this long road trip -- nine of the next 10 on the road -- and lay waste.  They will probably struggle and look terrible at times and all their weaknesses will be exposed, especially on offense where they continue to get by on smoke and mirrors.  But more on that later, just call me Polly for now. 

Some other stuff I seen and heard since the last blog:

--I was taken back last summer when I first saw Greg Oden, I was shocked at how big he was. Well, last night I was taken aback at how small Eva Longoria is when I encountered her at the Q.  I'd say about 5-foot-2, 100 pounds or so.  She was there to see hubby-to-be Tony Parker and was hanging out around the locker room area.  Yet when he saw her, Mike Brown couldn't be bothered because he was in a hurry to go hug Gregg Popovich instead.

--Speaking of women in the locker room area, I saw an aspiring woman last week in Atlanta try something interesting to attract attention from the NBA millionaires.  Right where the Cavs were coming off the court, an attractive young woman positioned herself for all the Cavs to see.  Then she took a wad of bills stuck them in her halter top so the money was hanging out of her displayed chest region.  Now, it was an eye-catcher I have to say, but I don't think she was getting very far considering the bill on top was a $10.  However, a guy in the third row was clamoring for her number.  Perhaps she took him up on it, no Cavs stopped.

--I didn't get invited to Gilbert Arenas' birthday party.

--Scot Pollard's wife gave him five new giant belt buckles for Christmas, which he's already started sporting on those many nights when he's inactive and dressed up on the sideline.  His favorite?  The one with a bottle opener on it with the word "cerveza" (Spanish for beer, in case you didn't know).  He says it'll be a hit at the bars.  Of course Scot's wife also gave him that Mohawk hair cut he loves so much as well.

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