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Cleveland Cavaliers

One quarter down, Cavs up 23-20

By admin Published: May 6, 2007

--After Mikki Moore scored three quick baskets, Mike Brown switched Zydrunas Ilgauskas to him instead of Drew Gooden.  Still, it appears Gooden was following a game plan by double-teaming Vince Carter and Jason Kidd off pick-and-rolls when Moore got free when Gooden didn't get back.  Z has also come across to double on Carter in the post a little bit.
--It is obvious the Cavs are going to help on the "big 3" outside and live with entry passes into the weaker interior Nets scorers.  Those guys are going to get easy baskets from time to time.
--The Nets are switching back and forth between zone and man-to-man, which the Cavs are still trying to figure out.  When they go zone, LeBron has been trying to throw passes to cutters in the lane.  LeBron has not yet posted Richard Jefferson up yet, perhaps that is coming.
--Sasha Pavlovic has two early turnovers and has been burned by Carter already.  However, his driving hoop and that 3-pointer probably did a world of good for his confidence.  He's just going to struggle at times, but he makes up for it by getting going offensively.
--The Cavs didn't shoot all that well in the first quarter, just 41 percent.  But by denying drives with their pick and roll coverage and help, the Nets took a boatload of jumpers and only shot 39 percent.  Vince Carter was just 2-of-7 shooting because he's settled for jumpers mostly.  He'll make those when he gets hot, but that's what the Cavs want.
--LeBron had six rebounds in the quarter, but the teams were mostly even.  This is an area the Cavs need to win.  Carter and Kidd both had four each.  Pavlovic and Larry Hughes had zero.  That trend can't continue.

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