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Cleveland Cavaliers

Oops, they did it again

By admin Published: December 12, 2006

Oklahoma City -- Here we go again.  Seems like I keep writing the same story in different towns on different days.  Last night the Cavs get beat by the Hornets here.  Mike Brown says it is because of bad defense.  LeBron James says it is because he smartly passed the ball and his teammates didn't make jumpers "they usually make" and they'll get 'em next time.

I say the Cavs lost not because of defense but because of bad offense, Mike.  And LeBron, you're great, but saying jumpers didn't fall in the fourth quarter is a cop out. You're a superstar, find a way to get to the basket.  I've seen you do it so many times before, I know its in you.  If those guys are going to keep saying that stuff and remain about a .500 team (that's right, 6-6 in the last 12), then I'm going to keep writing it.

So the Hornets had a hot night.  Jannero Pargo, Hilton Armstrong and Marc Jackson were out there making jumpers.  That happens.  Other than the fact that Chris Paul had his way going to the basket -- and that is no surprise, he's a quick, skilled guard and the Cavs simply can't defend guys like that right now -- I thought the Cavs were OK on defense last night.  Hearing me say that might give Brown palpitations, but I'm serious.  If the Marc Jacksons and Jannero Pargos of the world want to take on long jumpers, many of them contested, then so be it.

But for LeBron James not to score in the fourth quarter, for him to get one free throw all night (and that was on a bad call), for Larry Hughes to be chucking 3-pointers in crunch time, that simply won't do gentlemen.  It didn't get it done in Charlotte, in Toronto, in Indy, in Houston, at home to New York.  Need I go on?  I fear I will soon when describing another similar loss.

The only thing I am seeing offensively that I like right now is the production from Anderson Varejao and Daniel Gibson, who is shaping up to be a crafty steal.      

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