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Cleveland Cavaliers

Over and out

By admin Published: June 15, 2007

The Finals are over and the Cavs never really got started.  Their 83-82 loss in Game 4 was pretty much like the other three games.  In fact, I predict looking back it will be hard to remember when individual moments occurred in the series.  For the Cavs, it was mostly all "blah."  The Spurs had more talent, which we all knew, but their poise showed from the first minute of Game 1 and carried all the way until tonight.  In my mind, there is little use focusing on the little details, teams don't get swept by little details, they get swept by big ones.

Overall, it was a tremendous season by the Cavs.  They should be celebrated and lauded for so many different reasons.  But the pain they are currently experiencing is just as important.  Sometimes it takes crushing defeat to be forced into fixing what needs to be fixed.  This goes for Danny Ferry, this goes for Mike Brown and this goes for LeBron James.  The Cavs need some more dynamic offense players, they need a more dynamic offensive system and they need their most dynamic player to become more complete.

All that in the weeks ahead.  Right now, like the Cavs, I'm tired.

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