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Playoffs: Who Do You Want to See?

By George Thomas Published: March 27, 2009

If you've been following the NBA playoff race at the bottom rung of the Eastern Conference, you'll notice a small, albeit significant chance to standings. The Chicago Bulls, by virtue of a win last night over the Miami Heat, have inched into the seventh seed.  And Detroit, currently on a three-game losing skid, has slipped into that eighth spot.
And I do not want to see them there for reasons both personal and professional.
Let's deal with the latter first.  Despite the fact that the Pistons have a losing record at 34-37 and despite the fact that there appears to be a quiet protest going on with Allen Iverson regarding his playing situation , the Pistons will be dangerous for the Cavaliers.  There's just too much intensity in the rivalry for them not to be.
Nevermind that the situations have changed over the course of just a season with the Cavs running away with the division, they still have Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, Tayshaun Prince and, according to reports, Iverson, who always has fun at the Cavs' expense, will return next Tuesday for the final push.
Yes, there are no guarantees should they play the Bulls given that the Cavs finished their season series against them before they completed trades that brought Brad Miller and John Salmons to the team.  There, however, hasn't been much of a rivarly there since Michael Jordan frustrated the Cavs years ago.
Detroit?  Different story.
As for why I don't want to see it?  The Palace at Auburn Hills is a great facility, but it reminds me of the Richfield Coliseum in that it sits almost in the middle of nowhere. 
Secondly, driving I-75 as repairs continue to be made would test the patience of a Bhuddist monk.

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