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Portland and Cap'n Crunch Donuts

By George Thomas Published: January 21, 2009

How unique is Portland?  I picked up a Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries donut at this place called Voo Doo Donut. I kid you not.  This thing, with cereal protruding like itty bitty mountains, looked like something otherworldly and guess what?  It tastes the same way.  It was unique, more than delish and its pleasures didn't last long enough - just like this short jaunt to Portland, Ore. There are very few cities that I've been to where I'd consider moving.  None of you out there should jump for joy at the prospect that I will be vacating Northeast Ohio anytime soon.  I also have a love of Chicago and the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.
But Portland is different.  In an era where we have cookie cutter suburbs where chains have chased out mom-and-pop businesses for the most part.  There's nothing wrong with big box stores - I confess to being a Best Buy addict myself, but when every city in states 3,000 miles away look the same, thanks but no thanks.
Portland is different.  It's unique, vibrant and it shows in its downtown area where there are a host of shops not seen in Northeast Ohio.

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