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Post practice: Byron Scott

By Jason Lloyd Published: September 28, 2010

Byron Scott's thoughts following his first day of practice:

On the first day: "Lot of running. Guys were in pretty good shape, though. Guys came in camp in a lot better shape than I expected. So our first real running thing we did today, I kind of cut it short because they were in pretty good shape. The rest of the day went well."

On the garbage cans he threatened to put out in case players got sick from the running: "I didn't even put them out. I had the feeling guys would be OK. If they wouldn't have been, we'd have moved them to the side, let them do their business and kept going."

On two-a-days vs. practicing once: "Two-a-days is kind of crazy to me because you only have three hours. Whether you go from 10-11:30 am to come back at 4 and go til 5:30, I just figure it's best to do one good long practice and get it all done and give them 24 hours to recuperate."

On the battle between Moon, Graham and Williams at small forward: "I expect for it to be a battle at that position. All of those guys want the starting spot and they all want to play and all of them will get their opportunity to do that. All three of those guys, as far as being a committee, can get the job done. When you're talking about almost a triple double (that James averaged), it's got to come from other places as well. It's not going to be one, two or three guys. It's got to be a collective number of guys to get the job done."

On having enough scoring at other positions, will the 3 be a defensive spot: "Only time will tell. Once we get through training camp and start some preseaosn games, I'll have a better idea if we have enough at that position. And I think we do. Just seeing what I saw today, I think we have more than enough. It's just a matter of guys getting used to what we're doing."

On considering Parker or Jamison at the 3: I think I'd consider Antawn there more than AP right now if i wanted to go that route. I think he is a guy that can play both positions, as can Anthony as well. If i consider one of those two, it'd be more of Jamison.

On playing JJ at center or Antawn at small forward to get them on the floor together: I think more with Antawn at the 3 and JJ at the 4. I'll experiment with that in preseason and see how that works.

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