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Cleveland Cavaliers

Postgame thoughts

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 5, 2010

Final: Cavs 87, Bobcats 72

* The offense is still a work in progress, but Daniel Gibson and Ramon Sessions did well in running it. Gibson got to the line 10 times and made all of his free throws. As a team, the Cavs were 80 percent from the line (28 of 35), which is a great sign since they were awful at the line last season.

* There were a few defensive breakdowns that allowed the Bobcats to get penetration through the lane, something that will be adjusted in practice this week. But to hold Charlotte to 25 points in the second half is a great start. Larry Brown admitted after the game the Bobcats aren't in great shape yet and certainly aren't in as good of shape as the Cavs. That goes back to Byron Scott's promise that the Cavs won't lose a game this season because the opponent was in better shape.

* The roster has been revamped, but the players still around from last year are struggling at times to run and push as much as Scott wants them to quicken the tempo. That was never a point of emphasis under Mike Brown, which is why Scott kept barking out "Let's go! Let's go!" every time the Cavs grabbed a loose ball or rebound. "This is a process. You're talking about a team that hasn't been asked to run the way I want them to run," Scott said. "It takes time. It's something we'll continue to do every day and continue to work on it because I think guys are getting better at it. They're starting to feel missed shots, turnovers that we have to get up and down the floor. It's a matter of doing it on a day-to-day basis."

* It was stunning to walk into the Cavaliers locker room after the game and see LeBron James' face on the screen. In fairness, NBA TV is often on during postgame. But it was still shocking to see. The typically carefree J.J. Hickson grew tense, though, when asked if it was tough to move on without James. "No. No," he said tersely.

* Moon said he wanted James' old locker to be closer to Anthony Parker. I was hoping for a better story than that, but such is life. Moon had the best line of the night, when asked if it was difficult moving on without LeBron: "It wasn't strange at all. It's home. It's never strange to go home. We were anxious to get in here and show people that basketball was still alive in Cleveland."

* Antawn Jamison shot just 1 of 9 from the floor, but it's way too early to be concerned about it. Plus, Jamison missed a couple days of practice. He returned Sunday, but it was a light workout focused on defensive stations. He didn't really go hard until Monday.

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