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Cleveland Cavaliers

Postgame thoughts

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 7, 2010

Final: Wizards 97, Cavaliers 83

Leon Powe will finally get to break open his NBA2K11 video game on Friday. A video game freak, Powe has been so exhausted by the time he gets home at night, he's been too tired to even break open the plastic wrapper. But the veterans will get their first day off on Friday -- and just in time.

Guys were exhausted tonight after their two-hour practice this morning and it showed in the 26 turnovers and 35 percent shooting night (30 of 85).

Powe said he has never seen a team practice for two hours in the morning, then come back and play a game that night.

"You know his philosophy coming from the Pat Riley mentality -- ain't no days off," Powe said of Scott. ``But he kind of figured we need one. We've been going real, real hard. Really going at each other. Sometimes you need a day off."

J.J. Hickson was thrilled to be able to call himself a veteran now, and therefore excused from Friday's workout. But he said he'd likely join the young guys anyhow just to get some shots in.

***Scott has maintained throughout the preseason he doesn't care about the scores so much as he does seeing progress. Even through a truly ugly game, he thought he saw progress in the veterans. It's when the younger guys went out there that it all fell apart. That's to be expected, he said. "It's still a process," he said, "and we're at that crawling stage."

***Ryan Hollins' 14 rebounds would've counted as a career high if the game actually counted. His career high in games that matter is 12. Despite being 7 feet tall, Hollins is not known for his rebounding skills (he has averaged 2.2 in 205 games). So the rebounding outburst was a bit of a shock. Don't expect it to happen on a regular basis.

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