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Pre-game notes: LeBron 50-50 on Slam Dunk Contest

By George Thomas Published: December 2, 2009

CLEVELAND - Memo: superstars have the prerogative to change their minds and rightly so. After saying last season that he would likely participate in this year’s slam-dunk contest All-Star Weekend in Dallas, LeBron James said that there was a 50-50 chance he would participate.
‘’It’s a little bit watered down,’’ he said of the annual event. ‘’I don’t know if you can get it back to the ‘80s and ’98 when Vince (Carter) was in it, but it was more about the dunks than what was going on around the dunks.’’
The Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony suggested that it was time for James to get back in the event.  ‘’I hope so.  He mentioned before that he might. I want to see that,’’ he told AOL’s Fanhouse. James, who has been invited to participate on numerous occasions, said that he hadn’t given a lot of thought to participating this season.
‘’I’ve been too focused on us playing basketball and us getting back to the form we (had) last year,’’ he said.
Keeping it in house Zydrunas Ilgauskas got the chance to claim the Cavs’ team record for games played with 724 at 3:50 of the third quarter, receiving a rousing ovation and that is probably where the controversy related to the record will end.
Tensions rose when Ilgauskas didn’t get into Saturday’s game against Dallas Mavericks this past Saturday and, according to reports, declined the opportunity to go in during the second half. As of Tuesday afternoon Brown said that he still hadn’t discussed things with his reserve center. Before Wednesday’s game, he said that he no longer wanted to discuss the situation in the media. Let’s do time warp
About the only thing missing was Doc Brown’s flying Delorean from the 1985 movie Back to the Future.  For the evening, Quicken Loans Arena looked more like the Richfield Coliseum than the Cavs’ new digs. Players were given ‘80s-era hairdos and clothing on Q-Vision and more than a few tunes from then all in honor of throwback night when the Cavs donned the jerseys that the likes of Brad Daugherty, Mark Price and Larry Nance wore.
‘’When you think of the guys who wore those jerseys – Mark (Price), Brad (Daugherty), Larry (Nance) and Craig (Ehlo) – they did an unbelievable job setting these uniforms up to be throwbacks,’’ James said, ‘’and they did a wonderful job of playing the game the right way and giving the fans something to cheer about.’’

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