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My year-end lists

By admin Published: December 30, 2005

Things that are funny in their own special way:

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There's no knocking Nocioni

By admin Published: December 27, 2005

Newark -- I never been so happy to be in New Jersey, safely in New Jersey that is.  It was quite a journey here this morning, especially the 40-minute van ride from LaGuardia Airport over here.  Nothing like a half dozen near death experiences weaving through Chinatown to change your perspective on life.

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New podcast

By admin Published: December 21, 2005

Check out my latest podcast with Terry Pluto.

Terry and I discuss Carlos Boozer, why Zydrunas Ilgauskas had never been knocked out before, LeBron James' minutes, Mike Brown's job performance, and how I dislike that every conversation and/or e-mail between Thanksgiving and 11:59 p.m. Jan. 1 requires everyone to exclaim "Happy Holidays!" at some juncture.

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Quarterly report

By admin Published: December 18, 2005

Technology issues have plagued this blog -- well, that and Alan Tucker -- over the last week.  I'm typing this report for the third time.  Let's hope it takes and the host site figures stuff out.

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I love him, I love him not

By admin Published: December 11, 2005

So this story in today's Indy Star sort of ruined what was supposed to be a quiet Sunday for me.  If you don't want to read the link, Ron Artest demanded a traded from the Pacers via the media (ain't that grand).  Also, just to spice things up, he said one of he places he wanted to be traded was Cleveland.  Also he said he wanted to go to the New York Knicks, which you will now read and hear about until: a) Artest is traded; b) The Feb. trade deadline; c) Whenever a New York writer/ESPN gets bored.

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Thus I urge the boycott of all DelTacos

By admin Published: December 8, 2005

The other night at 1:36 a.m. PST, I was dodging broken bottles off a gravel road in a dark corner of Sacramento looking over my shoulder for dark shadowy somethings and perhaps red glowing eyes and/or fangs.  In my pocket was a credit card receipt for $145 with my signature on it and the underbelly of my rental car had fresh scrapes and dents*.

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LA Confidential

By admin Published: December 3, 2005

Los Angeles -- I left my hotel for the Clippers game extra early because I had to take the 101 past the LA Coliseum to get to Staples Center.  I wanted to beat the exiting crowds from the USC-UCLA game.  So I left at the start of the third quarter and still ran into thousands of cars...all UCLA fans leaving early.

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And the kernels get stuck in your teeth

By admin Published: December 2, 2005

Seattle -- Someone once described to me how a long road trip is like eating popcorn.  The smell allures you as it's popping, it's so good when it's hot and fresh and you just enjoy grabbing handful after handful.  But you keep eating it and it gets cold and rubbery and eventually gives you a stomach ache.

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