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Cleveland Cavaliers

Prepping for another round

By admin Published: June 5, 2007

Some things I've been thinking about The Finals and other stuff, in random order:

--You know I like to keep weird stats.  I've decided what I'm going to track in this series, who flops more: Anderson Varejao or Manu Ginobili.  These guys are the South American champs in this regard.  I give Varejao the edge.  I know Ginobili can sell it better because he's smaller, but Varejao has convinced me he's the greatest in the world.  Why?  Twice this year, the man has drawn charges on jump balls, including one against the Pistons.  By the way, he's drawn seven charges and 13 overall offensive fouls in the my unofficial count, of course.

--Keep an eye on Bruce Bowen going under LeBron on jumpers.  Supposedly he's cleaned it up but earlier this year Bowen slid under James as he landed from a jumper and caused him to crash to the deck.

--Also, let's see who Varejao gets into it with in this series, the Mikki Moore role as I like to call it.  Here's a bet on Francisco Elson.

--As Daniel Gibson's Q-rating explodes, I have noticed that the Cavs have bought the rights to, but folks, appears open for the taking.

--As an aside, what's backtracking faster, Billy Donovan or his hairline?

--It occurs to me that the Spurs, all-heralded as they are, may be in for a bit of a surprise with the Cavs.  They have not faced a defense this good in a long time.  The Nuggets don't play defense at all, the Suns are better than before but really just want the ball back, and the Jazz are good for a Western team but still the middle of the pack.  I'm not saying they can't handle it, I'm just saying.  Meanwhile, the Nets and Pistons are both pretty good defensive teams.

--Not to pile on, but the Cavs seemed to have more trouble with the Nets than the Pistons.  The Nets outplayed the Cavs during a couple games, the Pistons didn't really.

--For his interview after practice today, LeBron wore a Yankees hat.  Counting down until I get by first e-mail about it...5, 4, 3...

More to come once I get to San Antonio tomorrow.

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