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Cleveland Cavaliers

Preseason: Cavs vs. Charlotte Bobcats

By George Thomas Published: October 6, 2009

We'll get back to the regular game blog format when the regular season rolls around.
In the meantime, here are a couple of highlgiths from the Cavs-Bobcats game at Quicken Loans Arena Tuesday night.
Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James look very comfortable out on the floor together.  The entire starting lineup looked comfortable, despite the fact that there were two new faces in O'Neal and Anthony Parker. One thing that apparently caught at least Anderson Varejao by surprise - O'Neal's ability to pass the ball.  He tossed one to Varejao that the power forward didn't expect and the result was a turnover.  As the month wears on, O'Neal's teammates will get used to it.
J.J. Hickson, who looked so out of sorts on the court last season played with confidence against the Bobcats.  He, along with James, led all scorers with 15 points a piece.  Hickson hit from the outside with a mid-range jumper.  He drove to the hoop with confidence and showed some creativity getting the ball up and in the hoop on a couple of occasions.
Coach Mike Brown wasn't ready to praise him effusively just yet, however.  He harped on the fact that Hickson needs to work on his defense, specifically guarding players on the weak side.
And a couple of ugly things came to light.  The Bobcats scored 40 points in the paint and as a team and the Cavs committed 19 turnovers.  Those problems can be corrected given the fact that it's early in the preseason.

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