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Cleveland Cavaliers

Reactions from the blogosphere

By Dan Published: July 8, 2010

After the jump are some takes on LeBron James leaving Cleveland from some of my favorite bloggers.

Fear the Sword
Stay strong, Cavaliers fans. Use this opportunity to come together - the REAL CAVS FANS - that bleed Wine and Gold. Come together and support Dan Gilbert, Chris Grant and Byron Scott as they rebuild this franchise.

Ball Don't Lie
The former Cavalier forward more or less held the NBA hostage during its final few rounds of the playoffs, the NBA's draft season, and the early part of the free agency period as he and his retinue of handlers and representatives made executives and fans in cities like Cleveland, Chicago, and New York all feel as if James was set to take his talents to their particular teams.

Rasor on the Zips
LeBron James did us dirty. He got the whole world's attention, only to tell them he left Cleveland. It was about "joining forces" with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. He gave us a half-ass excuse for leaving — that the only reason you play basketball is to win championships.

Stepien Rules
I'm not mad at LeBron James personally, not angry with him, just disappointed. I'm actually not most disappointed by the fact that he left the Cavaliers either, or even the fact that he shoved an Art Modell sized knife directly into the back of the community he came up in before a national audience.

No Logo Needed
Football season officially starts now.

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