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Cleveland Cavaliers

Recap: Blazers 111, Cavs 105

By Jason Lloyd Published: February 6, 2011

From Byron Scott down the line to all the players quizzed over the last few weeks, this means nothing. The losses hurt, they say, but not the historic losing streak.

"I couldn't care less," Scott said again Saturday night.

I don't believe him.

I don't believe Scott, a prideful man and fierce competitor, doesn't care at all that his name is atop the longest single-season losing streak in league history. I don't believe that the record means nothing to Daniel Gibson, who was around for some of the best years in the history of the franchise. I don't believe Antawn Jamison dismisses it as flippantly as it appears he does.

And if they really don't care, shame on them. They should.

They should care that this Cavs team now has the longest single-season losing streak in the history of the NBA. By signing with the Miami Heat, LeBron James basically told them they weren't good enough to be his teammates. Now they're showing him why.

Of course, injuries play a role in all of this. A healthy Anderson Varejao and Mo Williams and the Cavs likely aren't in this position, but they weren't a very good team when those two were healthy, either. At some point, pride has to kick in. At some point, these guys have to get angry and break a television or dent the dry-erase board in the locker room. At some point, they should be embarrassed that they have lost -- twice -- to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who would be the worst team in the league if not for the Cavs. One of those losses was by 34 points.

It's OK to care about this record. It's OK for Scott to come out and say he's embarrassed to be worse than the expansion Vancouver Grizzlies (which he played on) and a woeful Denver Nuggets team that also lost 23 in a row one year. It's OK to say he's embarrassed this Cavs team has lost more consecutive games than the expansion Cavs that lost 15 in a row before winning their first game.

Yes, the Cavs know losing more than most teams in the NBA. They now have the two longest losing streaks in NBA history. It's not OK, and neither is continuing to act like it doesn't bother anyone.


Antawn Jamison 17 points
Ramon Sessions 15 points, seven assists
Jamario Moon 14 points
Christian Eyenga 12 points, six rebounds (career high)
Wes Matthews 31 points
Nicolas Batum 21 points
LaMarcus Aldridge 20 points, 10 rebounds
Andre Miller 13 assists

Turning point
The Cavs went nearly four minutes without a field goal in the fourth quarter, allowing a three-point deficit to grow to 10.

Key stat
The Cavs have the longest losing streak in NBA history in one season.

They said it
"Losing is contagious." -- Daniel Gibson

Up next
The Cavs (8-43) play at Dallas (35-15) at 8:30 p.m. on Monday.

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