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Cleveland Cavaliers

Recap: Bucks 102, Cavs 88

By Jason Lloyd Published: January 21, 2011

The most disturbing part about this horrific season isn't so much the losses (although they're pretty bad). What's worse is the regression in this team from early in the season.

This is a team that began the year 7-9 and even spent time -- during the first two weeks of the season -- in first place in the Central Division. Since then the wheels have blown off, the engine dropped, the radiator is smoking and the oil is dripping all over the league.

Another great example was the Cavs' defense against Bucks center Andrew Bogut tonight. Bogut has at least three or four inches and about 40 pounds on J.J. Hickson. Scott knew before the game he couldn't leave Hickson alone to defend Bogut because Bogut was simply too strong and powerful and would push Hickson all over the paint.

So the plan was for Hickson to keep Bogut from catching the ball too deep in the post. After that, it was up to his teammates to provide help once Bogut did touch the ball.

"We have to do a good job of coming and getting it out of his hands," Scott said prior to the game. "He can't catch and shoot, then there's no way to get there and help him."

Yet that's exactly what Bogut did most of the night, mainly because the help was late arriving. Scott had no idea why that was. Guys saw him standing there, they knew where the ball was, but the help on Bogut was consisting late in arriving. As a result, Hickson was in foul trouble all night and powerless to stop one of the few true centers in the league.

There is plenty of blame to go around, and Scott hated the fact the Bucks scored 25 points off 16 turnovers. That shows him players aren't hustling enough and getting back in transition fast enough. Add it to the long list of growing problems with this team.

Now they head out on another road trip to Chicago, New Jersey and Boston. Monday's game against the Nets is significant because it marks the last time the Cavs won on the road. That was back on Nov. 9, when the Cavs improved to 4-3. The world looks much different these days.


Antawn Jamison 22 points
Ramon Sessions 22 points
Daniel Gibson 15 points
Andrew Bogut 23 points, six rebounds
Corey Maggette 20 points, five rebounds
Keyon Dooling 12 points, 11 assists

Turning point
The Cavs scored the final 10 points of the third quarter to chop a 19-point deficit to nine, but failed to score another field goal for the first four minutes of the fourth quarter.

Key stat
Cavs starters Alonzo Gee, Manny Harris and J.J. Hickson combined for four points in 67 minutes.

They said it
“We never used that word 'rebuilding.' ... You guys can, but I’m not going to use that word." -- Cavs coach Byron Scott

Up next
The Cavs (8-34) travel to Chicago at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

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