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Cleveland Cavaliers

Recap: Heat 118, Cavs 90

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 3, 2010

Cavs players will never admit it, but after watching LeBron James' behavior Thursday night at the Q, only one fact remains clear:

The Cavs are intimidated by LeBron James. They were when he was here and they still are even though he is long gone.

James was razzing J.J. Hickson about his "broke a** jumper" before the game. He was down at the Cavs' bench chatting with various players during breaks in the action. He taunted them after hitting a fadeaway jumper in the third quarter.

And the Cavs did nothing in return.

James stormed down the lane in the third quarter at will, but never was knocked down. No one on this team stood up to James before, during or after the game. And he walked off basking in the victory over everyone.

The fans were ready for a fight, but the Cavs never provided it.

"That's what hurts so much," Anthony Parker said. "The fans showed up for us like that and we let them down."

Yes, they did. Byron Scott wouldn't show how angry he was with this performance -- if at all. Yet if there was a performance that warranted Scott slamming his clipboard and stamping his feet, this was it.

Dan Gilbert was livid enough for everyone. He didn't return to his courtside seat for the second half and took the long way out of the arena after the game. Instead of going the way he normally goes -- which would've led him right past the Heat locker room -- Gilbert turned right instead of left. Who could blame him?

If Thursday night showed us anything, it's how far this team has to go. The Cavs haven't beaten a team with a winning record since opening night against Boston. Based on Thursday, it may not happen again anytime soon.

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