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Cleveland Cavaliers

Recap: Nets 95, Cavs 87

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 10, 2010

Mo Williams is a fairly emotional player to begin with, so it was no surprise to see him standing in front of his locker with a dejected look on his face tonight. It's easy to understand why.

This makes at least four groin injuries for Williams over the last three years, plus he had the hernia surgery in 2008 before joining the Cavs. Clearly, this is a recurring problem he'll have to contend with for the rest of his career.

When he said after the game that he didn't rest it enough, I think he was referring to all the work he did upon returning. He wasn't saying he came back too quickly from it the first time. In fact, Byron Scott kept saying how he was being overly paranoid and that Williams was probably ready to return even sooner than the coach played him. But Scott wanted to make sure it was all the way gone. Now it has popped back up in the other leg.

Williams seems to be second-guessing himself for how hard he pushed his body after returning. As it is, the Cavaliers are down a guard in the backcourt.

Scott has typically played with a three-guard rotation in the past. He only extended it to four guards here because Ramon Sessions and Daniel Gibson have both played so well, he wanted to find minutes for both. But now, assuming Williams is going to miss at least a few games, Scott will have to change his rotation. And he just seemed to be settling into one he liked.

Daniel Gibson might not be able to play the entire fourth quarter anymore. Scott had been limiting his minutes in the first half so he could insert him halfway through the third quarter and leave him in for the rest of the game. Now Gibson will have to play more first-half minutes as the backup to Ramon Sessions.

If he wants to keep Sessions and Gibson on the floor in the fourth, he's going to need someone from the trio of Joey Graham, Jawad Williams or perhaps even Manny Harris to produce. Scott hasn't been afraid to go to the undrafted rookie Harris in the past, but only in small, brief doses. One of the two veterans would likely get the first chance.

The Cavs' margin for error this season is incredibly thin. When most everyone is healthy and playing well, they can compete with just about any team in the league. That was proven on opening night against Boston. But just the slightest glitch in the system can send them reeling, as we witnessed at Toronto in the second game of the season, when the short-handed Cavs were blown out by the woeful Raptors.

Turning point
After taking an 81-80 lead on a J.J. Hickson dunk with 4:53 left in the game, the Cavs went scoreless for more than three minutes in the fourth quarter. By the time Anthony Parker scored on a jumper with 1:36 left, the Nets had an 88-83 lead.

Key stat
Starting guards Devin Harris and Anthony Morrow combined for 52 of the Nets' 95 points. Also important, Kris Humphries had 18 rebounds, including six offensive boards. The Cavs collectively had seven offensive rebounds.

He said it
"I didn't get enough rest on it. I've been going extremely hard from the day I've been activated. I haven't taken a day off." -- Mo Williams, on his theory why these groin injuries keep creeing up

* The Q used to be one of the most intimidating places to play for opponents. Not anymore. The Cavs are 1-3 this season at home, losing to Atlanta, Sacramento and now New Jersey. The Cavs didn't suffer their third home loss last season until Jan. 3 against Charlotte.

* The loss snapped the Cavs' winning streak over the Nets at nine.

* The Cavs' bench outscored the starters again 44-43. They also outscored the Nets' bench, 44-21.

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