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Cleveland Cavaliers

Relive it

By admin Published: June 1, 2007

Watch LeBron's 25 straight points and follow my breakdown along below (thanks to Henry at Truehoop for the link).

End of regulation

   2:17 -- James nails a 3-pointer from top of key over a leaping Rasheed Wallace, cutting Pistons' lead that had been seven points down to 1.
   31.4 seconds -- A switch puts Jason Maxiell on James, a mismatch.  LeBron fakes left and executes a crossover dribble that shakes Maxiell. He drives right and streaks into an open lane.  Tayshaun Prince is under the basket and in the no-charge zone, so instead of challenging he flinches and cowers as James dunks to put the Cavs up 1.
  9.5 seconds -- Isolated with Prince on right wing, James used a quick first step to his right to lose defender.  For some reason, Lindsey Hunter takes a step away from the play, creating more space in the lane.  Meanwhile, Wallace leaves the lane to guard Donyell Marshall in the corner, allowing a easy dunk to tie the game and force overtime.
   1st Overtime
   4:47 -- James makes two free throws after drawing foul on Prince.
   3:31 -- James and Zydrunas Ilgauskas execute a give-and-go from the high post.  James uses a back door cut to drop Prince, who was frozen, for another dunk.
   2:54 -- LeBron splits free throws after drawing a shooting foul on Wallace.
  1:17 -- After drawing a foul on Maxiell, James makes two free throws.
   33.7 seconds -- Anderson Varejao sets a high pick for James as he moves right.  Varejao's man, Maxiell, moves to try and cut off James while Chauncey Billups double teams him.  But James is too quick and he beats both to the corner, turns and rises up to hit a 20-footer with two seconds left on the shot clock. It gives the Cavs a four-point lead they can't hold.
  2nd Overtime
-- On left wing with Prince guarding him, James takes a dribble and one step left then steps back and hits fallaway from 19 feet.
   1:51 -- Isolated with Billups at the top of the key, James starts left then bounces ball behind back and changes direction to create space.  He then splashes a 22-foot pull-up jumper.
   1:14 -- James runs another high pick-and-roll with Varejao, only this time he goes left.  Chris Webber leaves Varejao and tries to cut off James' path.  Billups goes under the pick and tries to swing around to stop a James drive.   But James gets by Webber with a quick turn and pulls up for 3-pointer in front of Billups to tie the game at 107-107.
   2.2 seconds -- Isolated with Billups at the top of the key again, James goes with left hand and gets by him with a quick drive.  Prince and Maxiell collapse in the lane as James leaves his feet.  He splits the pinch in mid-air and tosses in an underhanded layup even as Maxiell slaps his arm.   

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