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Road Diaries/Cavs update

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 8, 2010

Thank you, Continental, for merging with United and destroying your Cleveland hub. Your idiocy prevented me from booking a direct to Newark, since you wanted more than $500 for a one way ticket, and instead forced me to fly Delta today, which is equally stupid for merging with Northwest.

Northwest, I'm convinced, is managed by drunken fraternity brothers, since I've never flown Northwest and arrived on time in the same city as my luggage. And that includes tonight.

I'm posting this from the plane, since I was delayed an hour getting out of Cleveland for my connection in Detroit. I didn't leave Detroit until after 7 p.m. -- although we boarded the plane at 5:15 -- and I arrived at Hopkins today at noon. I could've driven to Detroit, driven back home to pick up the phone charger I forgot, driven back to Detroit and STILL had two hours to kill before departing. But I blame you, Continental.

Now on to the Cavs.

Antawn Jamison practiced with the team today and Byron Scott said he looked good, meaning Jamison is expected to play tomorrow night at New Jersey. It will be the first time, including the preseason, that the entire roster has been healthy and available.

When Jamison was healthy in the preseason, Mo Williams wasn't. When Williams returned, Jamison was out with left knee trouble. Now, finally, the band is back together.

Except for Boobie Gibson. He missed practice today to tend to a personal matter, but Scott said it won't keep him from the game. He is expected to rejoin the team in New Jersey and be available tomorrow against the Nets.

As for Scott, he is returning to the team that first gave him a head coaching job. But that was a long time ago, and Scott doesn't seem to have an emotional attachment left.

"That’s been so long, this is seven years removed (since he was fired)," he said. "I still have friends I expect to see at the game. Other than that, I just want to go in and win."

Great. Pilot just came on and said we're in a holding pattern over Newark. Before we took off from Detroit, he said we were delayed on the runway so we wouldn't get caught in a holding pattern upon arrival. Such is life when controlled by Otter and Bluto.

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