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Cleveland Cavaliers

Rough and tough, tied at 59-59 after 3

By admin Published: May 6, 2007

--The Nets aren't doing anything special, but LeBron hasn't been a major factor.  They are bringing help but LeBron hasn't deep posted or driven much at all.  You can double him 25 feet from the hoop without feeling much pain defensively.  He went 21 minutes of court time between baskets.  He's gotten to the line just once, right at the end of the quarter, which is stunning.  The goal wouldn't be to have LeBron force action, if there are plays that set up his teammates.  But he's not being the offensive force he could be and it's hurting the cause.
--On the other hand, Vince Carter is just 7-of-19 and the Nets are shooting just 39 percent.  The star that gets it going may indeed lead his team to victory.
--Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Drew Gooden's hot shooting days appear to be over, they are a combined 8-of-21.  Much of this is because the Nets are keeping close contact, but some of it is just missing shots.  Also, the Cavs have had no success running side pick-and-rolls with James and Ilgauskas.  The Cavs had just six points in the paint in the third quarter and they are shooting just 38 percent for the game.  In addition, the Cavs have just four bench points.
--The Cavs are picking up lots of offense rebounds but kicking them out instead of going up many times.  They have a significant edge in rebounds, but the Nets have just as many second-chance points.
--Jason Kidd is just 1-of-8 shooting, Richard Jefferson had just nine points.  Both positives for the Cavs.

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