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Cleveland Cavaliers

Scott loves the Steelers

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 14, 2010

Sorry Browns fans, Byron Scott won't be rooting for your team this weekend. He has loved the Steelers since he was in the sixth grade.

"Don't say that too loud," Scott joked. "It's true, but don't say that too loud."

He has two teams, one in the NFC and one in the AFC. His NFC team, the 49ers, are winless. But the Steelers are making up for it.

Even while growing up in Los Angeles, Scott said he fell in love with the uniforms and the helmet when he was in middle school. Then he saw a clip of Terry Bradshaw running on the field. When Bradshaw smiled, Scott noticed he didn't have any teeth. The gums did it. Scott has loved the Steelers ever since.

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