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By admin Published: November 5, 2005

San Antonio -- I either wrote or said sometime last week that all the Cavs' weaknesses would be exposed here against the Spurs.  Boy, was I right.  I know it is early and still very much a work in progress, but here's what I've noticed:

  • The point guards lack lateral quickness.  It won't show up every night like it did last season with Jeff McInnis, who didn't guard anybody.  But Damon Jones and Eric Snow have a problem keeping quick guys like Tony Parker, T.J. Ford, Speedy Claxton, and Allen Iverson in front of them.  I've seen them take on all four and all four have torched them.  This really might turn into an issue.

  • Damon Jones can be a chucker. This I already knew, but because he's such a good shooter you figure it's OK when he shoots.  But I thought that he would take bad shots in the half court and you'd live with it.  When he hoists them on the fastbreak or in transition, it isn't pretty.  He seems to do it when he's frustrated defensively.

  • The Cavs show potential for great ball movement.  But simply not often enough.  Three times Friday they made four passes to set up a shot and it was always open, but they simply aren't comfortable enough with the system yet.

  • LeBron is posting up more.  Forget about those 3s, the new wrinkle in his game is that the Cavs are getting him in position to get the ball on the post.  If he gets the ball with position in the post there IS NO STOPPING HIM.  He will score or be fouled.  This needs to be developed.

  • I saw one of the Spurs championship rings up close. I can see why everyone covets them.

On Bob Finnan...

  • As blog loyalists know, I'm a huge Bob Finnan fan.  He is the Cavs beat writer for the Lake County News-Herald and Lorain Morning Journal.  This is his 11th year on the beat, so he's a wily veteran.  We often travel together, in fact he's sitting across from me right now.  And simply, he absolutely cracks me up non-stop.  Here's a sampling of his work this season so far.

  • He has spied not one, but two obscure singers in public that he's a apparently a fan of and I'd never heard of.  Paul Williams and Aaron Neville.  Finnan told me Williams wrote the theme to the "Love Boat."  When we walked by him at a restaurant in Boston, we hummed the tune to see if he'd look up.  He did.

I wasn't with him when he saw Neville, so I'll take his word on it, I guess. 

The other night at "The Q" he watched the Cavs' dance team perform their "show," which drew the ire of numerous fans for its R-rated nature.  Then he turned to me and said "All they're missing is a pole."

Then, this morning as we're about to catch a flight to Memphis, a very, very early flight, Finnan is waiting in line to board the plane and starts smiling and waving to a little child being carried by his mother in front of him.

The child first stares, then begins to cry.  Said Finnan:

"Oh my God, I'm the ugliest person this baby has ever seen."

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