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Sessions opting out of contract, will become free agent

By Jason Lloyd Published: June 19, 2012
Sessions, Ramon
Former Cav Ramon Sessions will not pick up his player option for next season, making him a free agent and leaving the Lakers back on the market for a point guard.

Ramon Sessions will not exercise his player option for next season and will instead become a free agent, according to his agent. It's part of the reason why the Cavaliers had to trade him at the deadline and why that deal is looking better by the minute.

Sessions' agent, Jared Karnes, wrote on his Twitter account today that Sessions will not exercise his $4.5 million option for next season. He is looking for a more lucrative, long-term contract. The Cavaliers knew this was the likely resut when they shopped him.

The Lakers surrendered a first-round pick for a three-month Sessions rental and the Cavaliers also obtained the right to take the higher draft pick between the Lakers' selection and the Heat's selection next season. Given the state of the two franchises, that could mean a difference in about 10 draft spots.

Don't expect Sessions to return to Cleveland, however. He is opting out of his contract because he obviously believes he can make more on the free agent market and he also wants to be a starter. 

The Cavs will select fourth and 24th in this month's draft. The No. 24 pick is from the Lakers as part of the Sessions deal. 

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