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Cleveland Cavaliers

Shaq: It's All About Winning Championships

By George Thomas Published: November 9, 2009

Don't look for too much drama when it comes to the Cavs facing off against the Orlando Magic for the first time this year.
You'd think that with Shaquille O'Neal's history with that club it might be something more, but that's not the case.   Shaq was the NBA's original Man of Steel, but Dwight Howard co-opted the persona. 

My only concern is winning championships.  I’m not worried about all of that.   I’ve been there, done that.
Then there's the fact that O'Neal played for the Magic many, many moons ago:
I’ve played for too many franchises to get charged (up) every time I go back. It’s going to be an important game. It’s an important game for both teams, it will be a hostile environment.

Something, however, that doesn't sound like water under the bridge is a spat that cropped up with Magic coach Stan Van Gundy.  Last season, Van Gundy accused O'Neal of flopping in a Phoenix Suns' loss to the Magic.  At the time, O'Neal replied by calling Van Gundy the ''master of panic."   O'Neal said he was just defending himself:
I’ve never been critical, but I will defend myself every time.  It’s not my style to call people out, but I will defend myself.  You smack me, I’ll punch you every time.  I don’t care who it is.
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