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Cleveland Cavaliers

Shaq Serious About Cleveland, Chances

By David Lee Morgan Jr. Published: September 28, 2009

During the Cavs Media Day Monday at Cleveland Clinic Cpurts,  Shaquille O'Neal finally met with the media around 4:30 p.m. (the press conference had to be moved into the weight room because of the loss of power) and it was chaos as reporters jockeyed for position to talk to O'Neal.
 But the thing that caught my attention was how adamant Shaq wass about wanting to win his fifth NBA championship ring. And he's serious about wanting to be in Cleveland.
``Cleveland has always been very hospitable to me and I'm excited to be here,'' Shaq told reporters.
Shaq also said he had a message for Cavs fans.
``Hopefully, I add that belief because the first key (to winning an NBA championship) is belief.''
The one thing that amuses me about Shaq is that for a guy so physically imposing, he talks like he's always in a library.

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