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Cleveland Cavaliers

Sights and sounds from media day

By admin Published: October 2, 2006

--Lots of players saying "I'm happy to be here."
--Scot Pollard not sporting any facial hair, a Mohawk, and joking about an endorsement deal with "Fun Dip."
--Damon Jones saying he's "in the best shape since I left Miami."  Which, I guess, means he wasn't in the best shape at the start of last year's training camp.
--Drew Gooden saying he could throw the ball up high enough for Randy Moss to catch it.
--Lots of players saying they were "looking forward to the season."
--Sasha Pavlovic's stunning tan, which he said he got back home in Montenegro.  In case you missed it, he's not from Serbia anymore, there's a new country.  "It's still all the same," he told me.
--A clean shaven Zydrunas Ilgauskas.
--Seeing Ondrej Starosta sit at a table all by himself.  By the way, he's from the Czech Republic, the same people that brought you Jiri Welsch.
--Lots of players saying they're "trying to get better every day."
--Larry Hughes flicking off a bunch of reporters...showing them the range of motion on his right middle finger.
--Austin Carr sporting his new look...sans mustache.
--LeBron James refering to his new Sprite commercial as a "joint."
--LeBron James calling Warren Buffett "a cool guy, when I found out how much he was worth."
--LeBron James breaking down his "ink."
--Lots of players saying "We just need to win ballgames."

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