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Spreading cheer

By admin Published: January 28, 2007

I know plenty of you are all fired about how terrible you think the Cavs are and are ready to rip them after their 1-3 week.  As you know, as your certified realist I am not opposed to spreading doom and gloom.  That said, I'm here to tell you that you should be optimistic.  I've actually liked a lot of things I've seen from the Cavs over the last few games and I think it bodes OK for the near future.  Once LeBron is healthy again.  My bet is he's going to miss at least one more game with this toe injury.  If Sunday wasn't a national TV game, he would've sat and considering he re-injured the toe, and he should've.

Before you read these, please realize the Cavs are 8-7 for the month.  If they handle their business against the Warriors on Tuesday, and that's not a guarantee of course, they'll finish it 9-7.  This was their hardest month and they went 6-4 on the road.  Which is solid.  Of course, being 2-3 at home sucks.  No, it's isn't great, but this isn't a great team.

Three things to like

1. The past two games the Cavs have played excellent offense.  Against Philadelphia it was because they didn't have LeBron to watch dribble and actually had the move the ball and execute.  Against Phoenix it was because they had to.  But for the most part they really moved the ball well from side to side and worked to get open shots.  They penetrated, drove and kicked and worked the ball in and out of the post.  They even posted LeBron a few times.  They've scored 100 points in back-to-back games for the first time since Dec. 13 and Dec. 15.  Folk, that's progress.

2. The re-emergence of Daniel Gibson.  He's played more minutes than Eric Snow in the last two games.  I still believe Snow is a cog on the team, but a combination of Mike Brown's unwillingness to play the rookie and Boobie's periods of productionless play (and while many of were demanding he get more time he was playing plenty of these types of games) had limited his time over the last month.  Perhaps now Brown will ride him a bit more.  I'm not saying he's the answer, but right now he's not a bad option.

3. Good play from Drew Gooden.  Of course the Cavs played coy, but the guy had a sprained wrist that slowed him down for a week and it showed in his production.  I know he disappears at times, but he's actually had an excellent month and the lackluster games against Denver, Golden State, and Orlando are now a little bit explained to me.  He told me today sprained his wrist against Denver.

Three things to hate

1. The Cavs defense over the last three weeks.  Remember when they were a good defensive team?  Well, they aren't right now.  The Suns are great, but they were the fourth straight team to shoot more than 50 percent against the Cavs and it's happened in five of the last six games.  Not acceptable.  It comes down to laziness quite often.  They are not rotating well or defending the paint as well.  Also, they been turning the ball over a lot lately, which has led to easy shots.

2. Forgetting about Z again.  I know he doesn't exactly fit against the Suns, but he's had some huge games against them in the past.  OK, Amare Stoudemire abused him early, but he can outplay Stoudemire, too.  Sunday was the third time in four games he's scored less than 10 points on less than 10 shots.

3. David Wesley's jump shot.  I know the guy is playing hard or whatever, but he's here to make shots.  They reason he got benched was because he couldn't make them and in these last three games he's gotten time, he's a woeful 3-of-12.

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