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By admin Published: October 9, 2005

For the first time in training camp, I got a chance to see the guts of a practice today.  Let me just say that Mike Brown is an INTENSE coach.

He's out there running, constantly coaching, personally demonstating the way he wants things done. Extremely hands on and vocal.  He often stops things to make corrections.  The practice and scrimmage are both intricate and fast-paced.  After the workout, Brown probably needs a shower as much as the players.

His defensive style constants of nonstop help and rotation.  He's really forcing the players to be aware of the opposing offense's spacing.  I think with all the help defense they play they will give up open jump shots at times, but least he seems to be correcting the way individual breakdowns crushed the Cavs last season.  The offense is lagging behind, so don't expect to see much in the preseason games this week.

I talk a lot more about the defense in my Sunday notes from today.

I have a note in there about how Donyell Marshall used to get mistaken all the time for rapper Ludacris...

Well, maybe I buy that.  However, I don't think Donyell looks angry enough in this photo to be a hip hop artist.  Plus he needs more bling to be taken seriously.

How about some other Cav lookalikes.  Like...

Former Cav Jiri Welsch and John Cusack?  One made their career with Say Anything.  Everytime the other touched the ball down the stretch last season, Cavs fans pleaded: Don't Shoot Anything.

Drew Gooden and New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin?  Both of them are focused on rebounding...and their next contract. 

Anderson Varejao, American Idol loser Justin Guarini and Sideshow Bob?  One will play 15 minutes a game, one had 15 minutes of fame, the other wants to give Bart 15 minutes of pain.

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