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Cleveland Cavaliers

Take deep breaths as deadline nears

By admin Published: February 21, 2008

Woke up this morning to an explosion of e-mails about the potential trade I reported the Cavs were thinking about last night. It is important to point out that the Cavs and many NBA teams have discussions about big trades all the time. Obviously they intensify around the deadline as teams get serious about shaking up their roster. The Cavs are no different. The rumors that I have heard may only represent 10 percent of what the Cavs are thinking/talking about. I talk to various people from various teams across the league, I don't have sources in every organization and the information I bring to you is the best and most credible I can find. The overall chances of a "blockbuster deal" -- and boy has that term been devalued a little in the NBA over the last couple weeks -- are still less than 50/50 in my opinion.
As a Cavs fan what you need to know is that the front office is honestly looking at trying to make a deal to improve the team. That is the real reason why I decided to write the story about them considering a major deal. They are not simply standing pat as I hear them often being accused of. And not just for the top available players in the Jason Kidd/Mike Bibby class. They are trying to get creative and trying to balance out the short term and long-term benefits. Let me also add something else, I think the Cavs do like the team they have now. And that comes from players, from coaches and from the front office. If there is nothing done the Cavs still feel like they have a shot to beat anyone if they can get fully get healthy. LeBron James of course would like to get better and that is not original thinking, who wouldn't? But he's also made it clear he likes his teammates, so remember that if nothing happens by 3 p.m.
One more thing just to calm some of the waters. I have not once heard Zydrunas Ilgauskas' name come up in a trade rumor this season. That doesn't mean it hasn't come up in trade talks, but he is not part of the potential deal I was talking about. However, Z and the Cavs do have a little issue going on behind the scenes about him playing for the Lithuanian national team.

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