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Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs give me a headache

By admin Published: February 9, 2006

Minneapolis -- I went around telling everyone for two days that I really didn't like the way the Cavs played when they beat the Bucks Monday night.  I thought they were lax in handling their business in that game, playing focusless offense and not showing urgency on defense when the game was very much in doubt.  They ended up pulling it out with a big offensive play and a big defensive play, but honestly, it never should've come to that.

So then last night, the Cavs rallied to beat the Wolves and feel completely the other way.  Even though the Bucks are a better team, last night's win to me was way more impressive.  They made several in-game adjustments, going to zone on defense being the primary weapon.  Tricks like that never work for long -- remember Paul Silas' little experiment with the triangle-and-2 last season that worked for awhile while opposing teams were dumbfounded by it -- but this was an excellent decision.  It totally took the teeth from Kevin Garnett and allowed Ricky Davis to shoot the Cavs back into it.  By the way, much of the credit goes to assistant coach Kenny Natt, who suggested it to Mike Brown.

Also on offense, the switch of LeBron to point guard down the stretch got it done in the end.  It wasn't gold because often LeBron dribbles too much and doesn't run the play -- the Cavs shot just 33 percent in the quarter -- but he made the play when it counted.  I was much more impressed with how Brown got his team to use Zydrunas Ilgauskas early in the game when the Wolves were up big.  After hoisting up jumpers after refusing to test the middle, it was remembered that Mark freaking Madsen was starting on Z and they got him the ball and he got points.  He ended up scoring 10 down the stretch of the first quarter to get the Cavs back in the game.

So, what I'm saying it, I think what's going on is good, but then again, maybe not.

Now, a few more things:

--Larry Hughes is in a huge hurry to come back, but don't get excited because the Cavs won't let him.  Why have the surgery unless you wanted to get to 100 percent?  Seriously, right now just assume it is March.

--I keep getting e-mails about the comments section.  It is not meant to be a chat room, if you want one I'll suggest this one.   I really don't have the time to deal with this, but I guess I'm going to have to start enforcing the two comment rule effective now.  There's some funny and insightful stuff in the comments, let's try to respect it.

--Joe Vardon of the Wooster Daily Record does excellent if unheralded work covering the Cleveland pro teams.  I think you'll also enjoy his blog if you check it out.

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