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The Cavs win the lottery, sort of

By admin Published: May 23, 2007

This is a day late, my focus being on the conference finals and all, but it's still worth pointing out.  The Cavs made out pretty fairly after the draft lottery last night in Jersey.  First off, the Bulls (via the Knicks) did not move up.  Had they landed Kevin Durant or Greg Oden, obviously, they very well may have become huge championship threats next season.  At No. 9, they are probably outside the zone where they can land an immediate impact player.  That was probably the facet of the lottery the Cavs organization was keeping the closest eye on.

In addition, both Oden and Durant will be heading West.  Not that either will make their teams instant contenders, but both are franchise players.  It does not shift the balance of power in the NBA, however. 

There will be much conversation about this in the coming weeks, but my initial thought is you take the big man No. 1.  Count the number of great centers in the NBA right now and then count the number of great wing players.  Durant may be special, but Oden is special and rare.

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