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Cleveland Cavaliers

The Hawk logo should have a white flag in its talons

By admin Published: April 15, 2007

pa·thet·ic    [puh-thet-ik] adj. --  

causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable:

But enough about the Atlanta Hawks.

--Mike Brown sat down the whole game Saturday.  He never sits down, he always stands.  I think that tells you what he thought of the task at hand.
--You may have noticed LeBron James just taking a small little hop on his long-range jumpers.  LeBron has been working on this at practice over the last few weeks.  And he's been pouring in the extra shooting practice. Seriously, he often is the last guy to leave practice.  I think you may see him go to this style when he has room to shoot, which often happens because teams sag off him encouraging him to do so.  All just band aids.  LeBron's jump shot form often changes within games, which is one of the reasons he isn't a great shooter.
--The Cavs did their best to downplay some new post plays they put in during extra practices this week.  It was easy to get lost in the blowout on Saturday, but the Cavs called middle post ups on four or their first six or so halfcourt plays.  These deep posts to the big men and backdoor plays were part of the offense in the preseason that disappeared a month or so in.  The Cavs are going back to them now.  Again, not sure it will last. 
--It is hard to evaluate anything that happened last night, so focus on trends.  Such as Zydrunas Ilgauskas has made 26 of his last 41 shots.  The defense has allowed 86 points a game over the last 6.  There are other positive indicators as well.   The Cavs have generally been playing well since they lost in Boston.  The loss to the Heat was due to bad game management and the loss to Detroit wasn't bad.  Still, though, I'm not sure it will save them.
--Luke Jackson is back, he signed a two-year deal with the Raptors yesterday after a successful 10-day stint.
--Speaking of back, the other night Ilgauskas was walking down the hallway at the Q in his bare feet before the game.  Two things here, in his bare feet Z isn't a millimeter over 7-foot-2.  Secondly, it was one of those little reminders of how Z's moved past all those foot problems.  He still takes all sorts of precautions, including a 15-minute ice down after every single workout -- now, think about that, 90-100 games, probably around a 100 practices and shootarounds, we're talking ice by the tonage.   Take your shots at the big guy, but he's carved out an amazing career following those foot problems.
--I decided Friday night when I saw Ben Wallace make an 18-foot jumper that the Bulls will not lose again in the regular season.  Today, they killed the Wizards.  Cavs fans, prepare for the Heat.

A NOTE: As an FYI, I will be guest hosting Tony Rizzo's show Monday from 10-noon on ESPN 850.
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