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Cleveland Cavaliers

The LeBron Watch Continues

By George Thomas Published: October 30, 2008

Yes, the countdown has begun.  Two years left on the contract.  Watching the Celtics raise their championship banner and get bedecked in jewels, LeBron James is ready to bolt.  That's the belief on the national level.

With James, the Cavaliers are running out of time. It’s two seasons and counting until he can become a free agent. To listen to Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert dismiss the possibility of James leaving in the summer of 2010 for a bigger market as a product of “bored sportswriters” is beyond laughable. These aren’t bored sportswriters, but a restless superstar and a stable of handlers seemingly sold on his exit.
Get used to it Cavs fans because whenever James arrives in a town for the first time over the course of the next couple of seasons.  That will be one of the first questions asked of him.   Given that in an interview with ESPN a couple of seasons back, he said that he wanted to be a sports ambassador to the world along the lines of Muhammad Ali, then it's a possibilty he bolts.  The only tact that Cavs fans can take is hoping that Danny Ferry and Dan Gilbert do enough to keep him here.
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